Thursday, October 11, 2012

Greetings!  This is me, Kira Moo, and this is my new blog that will revolve around cute clothing made for us that sport sexy prim breasts!

For my first post, I have discovered a new shop and snagged their cute freebie from the group! This cute little dress is from Patchwork Hearts.  

The quality is great, the textures seem to fit well, and it comes with a couple of big named appliers such as Mused (both full breasts and milk made) and Lolas.

Please go check out their main shop: Patchwork Hearts

Farewell, and Moo!

Animal Instinct Dress, Leopard Black by PWH
Rose Vine Cuffs by [FPI]
Horns, Tail, Spots, Breasts by :Mused:
Ears, Eartag, Feet by KMS (Mine!)
Swift w/Roots -strawberry hair Truth

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